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About AWESEM Site Care

AWESEM Site Care was born out of AWESEM’s drive to create an effective, affordable site maintenance service that allows business owners the freedom to tailor their site care solution to their specific needs.

Let our team of dedicated WordPress experts take the stress out of maintaining your WordPress site

Taking care of a business site can sometimes feel like a full time job. By the time you’ve performed plugin updates, worked through your security to-do list, set up a back up service, and upgraded your PHP version it might feel like you have no time left to doing what you do best: running your business.

That’s where AWESEM Site Care comes in

Let us take care of the day to day running of your site so you can focus on your customers. Whether you’re looking for the essential maintenance you’ll find in our basic package, or a more enhanced service to focus on security, SEO, or support, AWESEM Site Care allows you to build a tailored package that’s perfect for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it, the stats don’t lie.


WordPress powers over 43.2% of websites globally


Over 500 new websites are created using WordPress every single day


17 blog posts are published on WordPress sites every second


44% of all WordPress hacks are caused by outdated sites

So why choose AWESEM Site Care for your WordPress site maintenance?

We don’t see the sense in making you pay for a service where only half of the features will benefit you. Don’t want monthly SEO reports? You don’t need to pay for them. Do you like the look of our Essentials package but wish there were more in-depth security features? It only takes one click to add in our enhanced security boost alongside your regular monthly package.

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