Five Ways To Attract Loyal Customers To Your Site

Two hands shaking after agreeing a business deal

Today we’re looking at five WordPress website features that turn visitors into loyal customers. These features are paramount to help increase your profits and form a strong customer base. Check out the five important features you need on your website:

Strong Performance

Strong performance is a major factor to convert loyal customers. A slow, sluggish website is likely to turn visitors away, while a strong performing website allows users to navigate through your site easily and reach their intended destination quickly and efficiently.

A strong hosting provider is key to a performing website. At AWESEM Site Care our essential plans are hosted by WP Engine who place strong emphasis upon site performance. This feature will attract visitors as they’ll be able to navigate through the site quickly and easily. Start attracting your loyal customers today with a Site Care essential plan.

Link to Social Sites

A study conducted by Deloitte outlined a shifting change in consumerism. All generations (Pre-Boomers, Baby Boomers and Generation X) bar Generation Z and Millennials believe that honesty is number one priority when it comes to choosing a product or service. This makes linking your website to your social media pages all the more important, as users may well turn to your channels to learn about both your services and how you operate as a business. 

A key way to build trust is to keep the same tone of voice throughout your socials and website, so consider bearing consistency in mind when working on your brand content.

Image Quality

Low quality images were left in 2010. Image quality is now a significant factor in drawing attention to your business’ online presence. Studies by Jakob Nielsen have shown that models facing forward in images are perceived as more inviting and approachable to the user. 

Taking time to review the quality of your site images is a quick win to help boost user engagement, which is growing harder and harder to hold with every passing year. Studies suggest that we’re now working with an average attention span of eight seconds – close to that of a fish! 

Clear Messaging

It’s so important to offer your visitors a clear outline of what you offer from the first page they visit, as it can be so frustrating to visit a website and find yourself having to click through multiple webpages to find out what the company offers. 

Engagement with your site visitors should be of the utmost importance to your business, so offering a well-placed, concise outline of what you offer from page one should always be a priority here.

Check out the AWESEM Site Care homepage here, where we clearly outline our service and its major benefits from the first paragraph. 


Security and data protection is an ever-growing societal focus, with good reason. This focus must be replicated online as well as offline, so it’s imperative your site is safe and secure at all times.

A simple priority is to ensure your site is always running a valid SSL certificate, as without this your site is marked insecure and visitors will likely lose confidence in your online presence, and, by proxy, the service you offer.

At AWESEM Site Care we install essential security protocols for all clients, as part of our AWESEM Essentials package, including round the clock security scanning to protect your sites from potential hackers and security breaches. Upgrade your security here and personalise your package with us.