How To Keep Your Website Running Smoothly During The Holidays

Christmas themed Laptop

As we all know Christmas is a time to relax and spend some quality time with family. Worrying about your website over the break is not something you want to deal with at a time of year that should be about rest and preparing for the new year. Knowing your website is secure and stable over the Christmas period is so important, so you can put your feet up without having to worry about your site’s performance. In today’s post, we’re going to outline a few key features that are necessary to keep your website performing at its best over the holiday season.

Regular Updates

Not updating your site can be catastrophic especially over the Christmas break when your site is likely to be unmanned. Without updating your site you are increasing your exposure to potential security breaches and outdated plugins could negatively impact the performance of your site. Regular updates will keep your site performing like the day it was launched and ensure your site is safe and secure.

At AWESEM Site Care we can take care of this for your WordPress site. We provide regular core and plugin updates on our AWESEM Essentials package so you can relax in the knowledge your site will always be kept up to date.

24/7 Security

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to protect visitors when they enter your site and ensure they are secure in the knowledge your site is a safe place. A site with poor security (unexpected pop-ups etc) will cause the visitor to lose trust and look elsewhere. Furthermore, if a visitor gives you the permission to access their details, then it is your duty to protect their data, otherwise you would breach GDPR, which could lead to loyal customers losing trust with your brand. Not the Christmas present you would want to get this year! 

As part of our AWESEM Essentials package we provide 24/7 security scanning and malware protection for your WordPress site. Contact us now to protect your site over the Christmas period. 

Daily Backups

You’ve likely spent hours in the build up to Christmas working hard on the content for your website to set you apart from your competitors. Now you have to back that content up to ensure it stays safe in case the worst happens.

It’s not only content you want to protect; you also need to know any data stored on your site is backed up and protected. Backing up your data and content regularly means you can return to work after Christmas knowing your valuable content is safely stored.

At AWESEM Site Care we provide Daily Backups to protect you content and data, so you can peacefully tuck into your Christmas dinner, knowing that your website is in safe hands.

Nobody wants to return after the Christmas break to have to pick up the pieces of a site hack or data loss. Following the steps above ensures you can return to work in the new year knowing your site is performing just as well as when you left the office.

Investing in a monthly maintenance service for your site will keep your site performing at its best year-round, so set up your AWESEM Site Care package today and trust us to keep your WordPress site safe and secure throughout the Christmas period and the new year beyond.